Are you thinking of a fairytale wedding? Here then that getting married in a Castle will make you experience the most incredible story in the world. The blue of the sky gives way to the blue of the sea of ​​the Gulf of Naples. In the great medieval halls you can breathe the life that has inhabited this charming and enchanting place.

The green hills, the environments treated with style down to the smallest details, will be the background to celebrate the perfect union, especially if your story was born of a Great Love. Getting married in a castle is a dream come true. And while you breathe the smell of magic, just like in a fairy tale, someone will end with a … and they lived happily ever after

Sorrento attracts couples with its cobbled streets, the music of the alleys, the scents of the sea. The grandeur of Vesuvius, the churches overlooking the sea, the terraces that turn into living rooms overlooking Capri. An unrivaled number of bars, shops, restaurants and relais meets every customer extravagance. The breathtaking hills are the background to the memories and the delicious gastronomy will delight the guests. Sorrento is incredibly welcoming and we are sure that an astonishing heat will surround you.

The choice of this location is extraordinary. Let yourself be lulled from the waves of the sea, feel the salt on the skin and hear the song of the seagulls, really has incredible.

If you are looking for a truly exclusive way to organize yours marriage, then the choice of a yacht or a fishing boat it’s the best way.

Luxury, refinement and refinement will be the protagonists of a event that will remain imprinted in everyone’s memory.

The trulli of Puglia are perfect locations for weddings. These are typical stone houses built with a technique dating back to prehistoric times. Their unique shape has become a symbol of a territory rich in tradition and culture. Why not surprise your guests and make your wedding day a day full of emotions with songs and folk dances … Immersing yourself in timeless traditions has a rare and precious taste

The noise of the leaves, the scent of the earth, the mossy rocks, the light that penetrates the branches.

In the imagination, woods are the magical places where fairies and goblins hide. They love dance and music.

And while a harp will welcome your guests and the scent of flowers will accompany you to the altar, the forest will be the perfect setting to live this spiritual experience between amazement and passion.  

Once again, nature will set up the most incredible scenario to celebrate love.

A fantastic idea for a spring wedding: a luminous greenhouse, a charming atmosphere with details that go from fuchsia to red on an enchanting sweet table. Ornamental plants, the scent of flowers, music and the laughter of children.

Love of nature is why so many couples choose to celebrate their wedding like this.

Is there anything more romantic than a greenhouse wedding?

Country chic wedding is definitely one of the favorite wedding styles and absolutely out of the logic of the “classic” wedding of the last few years.

Definitely a good agreement between elegance and rustic.

Specific rules for the location, the clothes of the spouses and guests, good food, attention to detail and above all colors. If organized in the best way, it can become a unique event in its simplicity.

Organizing a wedding in a vineyard is a very exclusive and attractive idea. A bizarre, authentic and poetic environment.

Good food, good wine and the countryside are the perfect place for a marriage of friendship and company.